New Year.

I was hoping that the New Year would miraculously cure my summer cold overnight and of course, that didn’t happen.

I planned for the New Month– to focus on my stats at work so I could score extra money, but I am likely going to have to call in work sick which will ruin my attendance share of the monthly incentive.

It’s a ridiculous kind of situation to be in, when you had a plan to improve KPI’s and something goes wrong. I just can’t take it seriously, me being sick all of sudden has fucked up my month and all I can do is … laugh. A year ago, I would have been freaking out. Now, I just take it as it is. I’ll rock up to work and see whether I get sent home.

So, New Year’s Resolutions? I don’t like to admit that I do have a list but I only really ever ticked 1 out of the many (last years’ reso) I have listed as ‘done’

Of course, there is nothing wrong with setting goals for the year. Some people have a strong will in achieving them. I am not one of those people.

These were the few last year (below):

  • Minimalism. I failed miserably
  • Exercising. I lasted a week
  • Quitting Bubbletea. Yeah, right, I’m a caffeine addict and I had a cup yesterday night. It was delicious.

The exception, every new year I want to become a better version of myself. I saw little change, but still, it was quite significant. I am more “assertive”. I think this is due to having a job and the requirement is  to speak to other human beings (the exception, the guy I have a massive crush on/still cannot talk to him– I feel like I’m back in highschool).

I guess, for 2018 my aim is my Finances. This is tied to many things because I have a mortgage, I plan to improve my mental and physical health and I am going on a trip to Hawaii mid-year. I need moola. So, I need to set aside some money per month.

Love life? I don’t have one to begin with but the universe seems to want me to confront it. Whether it’s my female workmates just constantly talking about it and asking why I am single (?), my aunt and mum trying to set me up with some guy, my sister making snide remarks about non-existent dating life and then I keep seeing the same male name pop up everywhere. It’s driving me nuts, it’s to the point I can’t sweep those things under a mental rug because it’s pretty much 5 years of it.

Take life with a dash of humour. I felt that I was a little too serious last year and I need to relax. This means I need to make more an effort in socialising even if it drains my battery ( That actually conflicts with the finances but I will try make work).

I will have to start focusing on doing a month by month excel spreadsheet budget (which I should have been doing for a long time).

Instead of checking boxes…I will rate my performance. I will somehow formulate a rating metre.

Until next time.







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