*Edit: 12/12/16

It’s still the same below. I realised how basic the original concept for this wordpress of mine sounds (laughs).

This ‘About’ page will be updated everytime I think that it has strayed from ‘The Code’. My life changes and so will my wordpress. As I have previously stated I have relaxed my standards in regards to content because I really don’t have the concentration and skills to make it a fully “serious” blog. So, any “serious” commentary will be tagged under “serious”. I’ve mentioned in a couple of posts that I’m not a writer (professional writer, journalist etc), so any opinion expressed in this blog are my thoughts at the time (which is subject to change).

I wanted to make this page a little less bare, so here it is.

To add to the ‘Original Intention’ and give a little purpose for this blog, I decided to create this wordpress because on 13th Nov 20 15, the world was silenced when sections of Paris, France was a target of a very highly organised terrorist attack . While we , the world have witnessed other horrible acts of violence across the globe, this one shocked us (rather, the Western World) due to it being a diverse, cultural tourist hub and that the offenders targeted anyone and everyone.

It moved me to do something and I was just angry and sad at the state of world affairs. While I was processing what had happened, whether or not it was a coincidence, my second cousin  neglected to return his library books and ‘The Diary of Anne Frank’ was among the few.  I happened to be in the lounge room and it was on the coffee table and seeing it gave me the idea and really pushed me into creating this wordpress.

I admit, I didn’t commit to posting very much what I intended to but as the months passed by, I became so cynical and worried about what was/is happening in our world , whether it be domestically or globally–this is a record of my experience and feelings. I am only one voice out a massive crowd.  There are many other voices out there, most likely more informed than I  and we are all the voices of a certain era.

This is my record of living in the 21st Century, my personal project and I welcome you to disagree, agree, laugh, advise and make fun of my thoughts and my life.  We’re all making history! Even if I’m just one, small, insignificant person.

*Edit: 03/05/16

It’s still the same intention below but maybe a little more “free”. I originally intended it to be more of a serious blog, but that never happens because I am just s///t at writing and my message gets lost in long-winded convoluted mess that I start digressing (see the word diarrhoea).

It’s almost half the year and I still am not inspired to make entries. Majority of my time is occupied of whinging and I really do not want that, that is what tumblr is for.

As of today, I will try my best to at least blog once every week. Whether it’s current events or what’s coming up. Lately, I’ve been catching up with tv. So, the intention is slowly shifting it’s focus away from what I had originally planned for this blog. Seeing, this is more of a proper blog with a proper editor that doesn’t lag.




I have decided to type/write down about my experience as a living human being in the 21st century. I guess after the horrible events occurring, it motivated me to create this blog . For my personal reasons, I am doing this because it’s a great way for me to express my thoughts about the world I currently live in and I see this blog as a personal project




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