Laugh of the Day

I couldn’t help but laugh when I was slacking off during work, and I checked news websites and a headline that went something along the lines like ‘Comey tried to blend in with the Curtains’. I could not help but laugh at headlines like that.

As Comey’s friend/acquaintance said in his Editorial was simply quite… hilarious

“At the ceremony, Comey noticed that the curtains in the room were blue — the same color as his suit. So “he stood in the back, right in front of the drapes, hoping Trump wouldn’t notice him camouflaged against the wall.”

He was that desperate to try be invisible! For goodness sakes, the man is a giant. Of course he is noticeable!


I’ll keep it brief: What happened yesterday

Bloggers note: I meant for this post to be more lengthy but it’s currently 33 degrees in Melbourne, I have no air con and the laptop is radiating a lot of heat in my room.

  • Friday morning, Australia was informed by VIC POL that they had foiled a terrorist plot that was planned for Christmas Day at certain Melbourne Landmarks (Flinders Street Station, Federation Square and St. Paul’s Cathedral). In a joint taskforce, VIC POL, AFP and ASIO carried raids throughout North-West Suburbs of Melbourne, late Thursday night all through to early hours of Friday. Seven have been arrested,  with five expected to be charged with preparing a terror act.
  • The Berlin Christmas Market attack suspect was spotted in Milan, Italy apprehended and shot on scene. One of the officers was shot in the shoulder..
  • A Libyan plane was hijacked, carrying 111 passengers , the plane diverted to Malta. Hostages departed the plane safely after 4 hours of standoff, hijacker were arrested.
  • Donald Trump tweets about subject such as UN, Israel and the need for the US to increase nuclear arms arsenal and concerns the world… again

What a  shitty week eh?

Kudos to the authorities being on top of their game and foiling such a big plot planned against Melbourne like that.  Especially, where the three landmarks are so close in proximity, tourist hub area (they’re literally just opposite or adjacent to each other) and Flinders Street Station is the busiest station on the City Loop.  It would have been chaos. I could have lost any relatives or friends who celebrate Christmas in the CBD, it’s so close to home.

Other than that, had it flew under intelligence radar, the terrorist attack had  come to fruition, aside from Melburnians being sad at the casualties and destruction of landmarks, it wouldn’t be good for public transport commuters, they’d be fucking angry, and I say that because most railway lines in Melbourne are under construction to remove boomgates, constructing skyrail or making the tracks underground. No one here in Melbourne likes buses and causing delay on the railway network, it pisses us off (even when we agree to the Railway Project). So, thank you Operation Kastelholm for preventing this planned attack because it saved lives and prevented added public transport delays.

I’ve only commented about Melbourne because it’s my home.

I  feel like I should be on a week long social media freeze because the news reports clutter my feed and whenever I read or listen to a news report it feels like the world is going to end real soon.

Yeah, I’m keeping it brief.

Until next time.