Laugh of the Day

I couldn’t help but laugh when I was slacking off during work, and I checked news websites and a headline that went something along the lines like ‘Comey tried to blend in with the Curtains’. I could not help but laugh at headlines like that.

As Comey’s friend/acquaintance said in his Editorial was simply quite… hilarious

“At the ceremony, Comey noticed that the curtains in the room were blue — the same color as his suit. So “he stood in the back, right in front of the drapes, hoping Trump wouldn’t notice him camouflaged against the wall.”

He was that desperate to try be invisible! For goodness sakes, the man is a giant. Of course he is noticeable!


This is so demoralising

I was so tired my last post, and yay…not, I have been afflicted with gastro. While, I should be napping, I am just feeling unsettled about what has been happening so far.

As you have heard, the phone call between Donald Trump and Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull was leaked to the american press. Whilst, Mr Turnbull said that everything was A OK with the agreement, Australians were left like a stunned pigeon when news broke out about this leak.

I do not like my Prime Minister, in fact he, or rather the Liberal Party has done a terrible job governing the country, particularly in regards to the current issue of the debt welfare scandal. But I’m not going to talk about that now. I’m going to talk about what has transpired in the past 48 hours.

Australia IS AWFUL when it comes to the humanitarian issues. Australia and Trump’s USA are quite similar, I’d say Australia are ahead in that regard. WE have offshore detention where the people held there are driven to insanity.

Our government tried a similar amendment proposal of bans for asylum seekers/ refugees —correction, life time bans for those who arrived by boats. This includes that if the asylum seekers/refugees  eventually settled elsewhere,  they cannot enter, in the future for a business trip or as a tourist  . That is how cruel my country is.

Anyway, whoever leaked the conversation, good. In humiliating Malcolm Turnbull the talk on this issue has become news and now we can discuss the solution and resolve the stupid phone call..

The solution for this US-AUS refugee agreement is quite simple. Instead of adding woe to the minds of these human beings  stuck on Manus and Nauru. Settle THESE LIVING, BREATHING, THINKING HUMAN BEINGS IN AUSTRALIA.That’s all the Turnbull Government has to do. SIMPLE.


My problem with the phone call.

While Trump is right that it’s a “dumb deal” he doesn’t get away with it either.

Australia has been a staunch ally for 4 decades. Not saying that previous Australian governments had no heated phone calls, but this was stunning.

When news first broke out, I didn’t know how to process what I was reading.

That led onto me feeling confused.

That confusion turned into outrage.

Quit trying to make it all about yourself, there are lives on the line.

He had spoken about the phone calls earlier, and I was quite offended.

He mentioned along the lines that allies have been taking advantage of their relationship with the US. I had to scoff at that. WHEN HAS AUSTRALIA TAKEN ADVANTAGE OF US RELATIONS?

I, for one, along with many other Australian disagree. In every war the US has been in, Australia has fought along side them, even when the Australian people did not want to be involved in the Iraq war.

I just want to note that, while my government is being a horrible nation and picking who/which refugees can enter the country, for some odd reason, the government who are so anti-boat people/asylum seeker/refugee agreed to help the US resettle Central American refugees last year in September.  I don’t know whether that is still standing but from just recalling this, it makes me think this deal struck between Obama-Turnbull was probably one of those ‘You scratch my back, I scratch yours’ type.

Whether or not you like this, this is a matter of securing a tighter alliance, it’s what allies do, co-operate and Donald Trump just put a dent in it.

As I said before, I don’t like Malcolm Turnbull and his administration but the fact that there are reports of Donald Trump bragging about his Electoral College win, that this deal will ruin him politically is completely inappropriate. There are  lives on the line, it’s not all about him. He’s making it all about himself.

To end a call abruptly when Turnbull was trying to steer the conversation to discuss other serious global and military issues, that action alone by Donald Trump–wanting to cut the call short because Turnbull disagreed with him and making him lose his cool is/are demoralising for the entire world.




A Serious Post: I woke up to this news.

The events that have happened early yesterday morning (AEST)

  • Russian Ambassador to Turkey, Andrei Karlov is assassinated at an art galllery in Ankara. The lone gunman- Mevlut Mert Altintas, 22 years old, identified as an off duty member of the Police (Riot Guard Unit) committed the act in front of bystanders and camera.  Shouting “Allahu Akbar’, ‘Don’t forget Aleppo! Don’t forget Syria’ . It has not been officially confirmed whether he has links to  any  extreme terrorist organisation or whether he was acting alone.
  • West Berlin, Germany: a Polish delivery truck carrying massive quantities of steel, rammed through a Christmas Market injuring approx 50 people and reportedly killed 12 people.
  • A mosque was attacked in Zurich, Switzerland, where three were injured.
  • The Electoral College has voted Donald Trump as next president.

My thoughts?

This whole entire year is depressing and the  shit really hit the fan when Donald J. Trump became PEOTUS and it was made official when the Electoral College in favour of him.

When I thought it couldn’t get more worse, it did. Aside from Trumps questionable cabinet picks, twitter rants, the nepotism and growing lists of conflict of interest regarding Trump business empire , the neverending conflict in Syria has been headlining everyday as the situation is worsening every minute. The horrifying images and footage of children reacting beyond their years, not being able to be kids depresses me a great deal it made me cry.

This Channel 4  video gives us a glimpse of the dire situation in Aleppo, it shows a woman crying for her children, she only had one with her and that poor little toddler sat down on the hospital bed , stunned like 5 year old Omran Daqneesh in the ambulance. A son of one of her neighbours was carrying his infant sibling , but his one month old brother had suffocated and died from the building collapse, he didn’t want to let go of his brothers body as he took time to process his loss. He had lost everyone from the building blast. What is sad but moving part of this video is that this teenage neighbour did everything to  try comfort his neighbour when he lost his entire family.

Remember these are only two people in Syria, there are many out there in Aleppo suffering the same hopeless fate.

As for the events that unfolded today. What happened in Ankara was very unfortunate. However, despite the reaction on social media, at the time of it being ‘breaking news’ it seemed like a political a response to what is happening in Aleppo.

A friend of mine on twitter had expressed his unease about what happened, as it made him think about a time in history where an assassination had become a catalyst for global war, ” This has a Franz Ferdinand kind of feel…”.  I won’t deny that concern, my sentiments echoed his thoughts at the time. We’re living in uncertain times, where the threat of war is highly probable and that it should not take much for it to turn into a global war. Every word and action has extreme consequences and we’re almost headed for disaster.

I do not want to jump into conclusions about Altintas because of late there is too much speculation happening. We do not know for sure whether or not this 22 year old man is linked to any extremist organisation. We don’t know all the facts, except that he is obviously against Russia’s involvement in Syria.

As for what happened Berlin, all I can do is pray for the dead and the injured. It has been reported that the suspect is an Asylum Seeker from Pakistan (who according to the Sydney Morning Herald has denied involvement).  I commend the Germany authorities for handling the situation with a lot of caution and care. As Germany’s Minister  of Interior Thomas de Maizere stated earlier in the day:

I don’t want to use the word ‘attack’ yet at the moment, although a lot speaks for it.

There is a psychological effect in the whole country of the choice of words here, and we want to be very, very cautious and operate close to the actual investigation results, not with speculation.

Here is a responsible person in a position of power being careful with his words. He’s reminding the people that we need all the facts instead of jumping to conclusions and getting angry and he is right, lately all we do is speculate and demonize a group of people who were not responsible for the actions of the offender but happen to be Muslim! Those who commit those acts should be condemned for their own actions.

As for what happened in Switzerland, which hasn’t been headlining as much, someone attacked a mosque and left  3 with serious injuries,there isn’t much coverage on this event in Switzerland as the casualty or injury rate isn’t high.

I just want to end this babbling post with how I feel after almost two months of bad news. For the first time, I am genuinely frightened. September 11th happened and that caused concern for American people back in 2001. I couldn’t fully understand what was happening because I was a blissfully ignorant child at the time.  But now as an adult, I understand the gravity of the situation of the state of global affairs. I see an America that is very divided.  The polarization happening in my own country and rhetoric by politicians of both sides is alarming.  Speaking as a minority in Australia, the rise of Pauline Hanson and the growing support she has disturbs me to the highest degree, especially when Dick Smith publicly announces he backs her.

We are living in dangerous times and I feel hopeless because I don’t know how to help and where to start.



It’s been a long week, and it hasn’t been good.

This is a lengthy post but thanks for taking the time to read it ( if anyone bothers to read it).

It has taken me four days to reflect on what has happened this week, I don’t know if I’m going to articulate my thoughts well in this post but with a week filled with  mixed emotions of “taking the high ground”, denial, sadness, anger etc… it is, it was an rollercoaster week for a lot of people around the world, particularly in the United States of America.

Just take note that I’m not American, I am not an expert on politics but that isn’t to say that I’m unaware, ignorant or uneducated about what is happening.

The world changed overnight when Donald J Trump became President-Elect in the early hours of November 9th.  I watched the news since 10:30 am, November 9 AEDT until it was reported Hilary Rodham Clinton conceded roughly around 7:00pm AEDT .

I was called last minute to babysit my nephew. I arrived around 10:10 am, and my brother in law took off to run some errands and  sort out some business.  For the entire day, I was watching the election coverage on tv and I couldn’t believe what I was seeing and hearing. I know a lot of people post election have told us, you shouldn’t be shocked or stunned, but this was one of those moments where is was so surreal (nightmare or dream, depending on which “side” your on). My brother came home 9 hours later, who hadn’t been updated until I told him “Dude, he’s leading and the Dow plunged 800 points on the Stock Exchange”, my brother-in-law, who isn’t even into politics,  his lighthearted expression changed to a serious look, he didn’t believe me, and then he hopped on the couch beside me, watched the remainder of the election with me , curious, concerned and just thinking ‘what the heck is wrong with you people?’.

Throughout that day, I channel surfed as the results came in, every Australian channel covering the US Election –were for lack of a better word, dumbfounded.  I also switched between  CNN International , The Bloomberg Network and The BBC and again, they were either perplexed or dumbfounded.

When it was reported that Clinton conceded, it became official. I turned off the television in bitterness and all of a sudden the world looked bleak and I wanted to cry.

I had dinner with my sisters family, we were discussing what we just witnessed and we just felt miserable. I then drove home just feeling uncertain for the future.

I was feeling so annoyed, I was so sad, I was so very angry at and for the American people. So, the first thing  I did as I arrived home  was what every other of my generation do— post a facebook status.  I hopped on my laptop,  and it wasn’t a surprise that my facebook newsfeed was full of similar sentiments of disbelief and worry.

I posted a lengthy status expressing my current thoughts at that time of that night, basically a post about my disappointment at the result and sympathy for the American people but reached the conclusion that  “we have to move on, it is what it is, that is what they wanted”.

I was wrong.

I woke up the next day, feeling angry, feeling sad and frustrated. I was in denial that night before. As the post election results came trickling in and data of voter turn out, the popular vote and electoral votes was published. I just got even more angry and more confused as ever (It took me watching multiple videos to explain the Electoral College, I wasn’t sure if I was understanding the process clearly, but I concluded that it was a shitty way to elect a President and I’m not going to even go posting how stupid it is).

As usual, I message my friends randomly, at weird times during the day to check up on them and just vent my frustration and anger.

My best friend replied:

‘I sat next to an older white man this morning and I was like uncertain. LOL. And I shouldn’t be. I never usually think like that. It’s just this whole thing. Anyone COULD potentially be a Trump.’

And it was a scary thought to us, that any white person, whether neighbour, workmate or train commuter was a closet racist, bigot or a xenophobe.

As each day passed, that anger , that sadness and frustration wouldn’t die.  I felt so hopeless and helpless.

Again, I am Australian, why was it effecting me?

To reiterate and emphasize again, this US Presidential Election changed the world. It wouldn’t have changed the world had Donald Trump not made damaging statements about refugees, LGBTIQ community, minorities, trade deals and military alliances etc during his campaign. His unpredictability, temperament and undetailed policy pledges made the the world question their alliance with the USA. I was concerned and thinking about the ANZUS treaty , the South China Sea issue and our alliance with China ( a country that Donald Trump scathingly attacked in his campaign at one point). Other than that, he was a representative of  racist behaviour, bigoted views and misogyny. I understand people had voted for him for various reasons, but he represented those that hold those views. What I cannot fathom is why the bloc of people, who claimed to be neither racist, xenophobic, anti-gay or misogynists, chose to ignore that. He polarised the nation and normalised discrimination and abusive behaviour (as evidenced throughout social media, through public protest and minorities giving detailed accounts of being harassed by Trump supporters or vice versa).

And what is sad is that it’s slowly becoming that way in my own country.This year,  One Nation Party (ver. II ) came back and the people of Queensland voted Pauline Hanson in the Senate (What is worse that it’s harder now to neutralise  what they represent than it was back in 1997 when I was 7 years old).  Donald Trump being elected into office made all the nastiness of what he represented almost normal. He is going to be officially the leader of the Free World come next January, the Commander-in-Chief of a world Superpower and it made it official that Western Democracy was/is spiralling into madness.

This election affected my country, and other countries, it’s going to be one of those moments like the man walking on the moon, but this one wouldn’t be the nostalgic kind, it would be a bitter memory forever etched in my mind and especially a negative moment in human history.

I have more to say but I am tired and fear that it would be repetitive.

For all those Americans feeling downcast with what has happened, keep your heads high, keep fighting for equality and respect in this world. My thoughts are with you and I am motivated to prevent what has happened in the United States of America, from it happening here in my own country.


Until next time.


Hello, it’s me.

This blog has not been touched for a while and the neglect pains me. There was so much going on in the world and I failed to motivate myself to post anything about it and it was a target for me to post twice a week!

There was so many things I wanted to post about and while I did type up drafts, I then lost the spark to re-edit and make entries. Though the most interesting topic which has caught my eye  is American politics and it being election year. Most of the headlines that I see on online Australian media is concerned with the Republican candidates and anything Donald Trump related. I’m not even American, and I am just reading the Australian media and reporters observations of what is happening over there and I’ll just have to say it, the news coming out from the ‘Land of the Opportunity’ terrifies me, it terrifies me as a global citizen. It really seems he has a good fighting chance and be successful and what he has promised, I can’t help thinking about how he will handle global affairs if he is successful. He has always been known for his controversial views, but at times I think to myself ‘he must not really mean that, right? and he’s just saying that to land votes for from the far right, right?’.  What he has been saying in the press and at rallies are quite questionable due to it being controversial but nonetheless, even if he does or does not believe in all he says, he’s still saying racist shit and that concerns me, he is a possible world leader of a superpower country and sorry for being dramatic but that to me would be the beginning of the APOCALYPSE! (if he becomes the Prez)
If I wasn’t lazy these past few weeks, I would have been going on and on about this topic, but I’ll save it to another time.

Moving on…

Seeing that my last entry involved rules set up for this blog and so far, I haven’t thought about adding anymore rules for this blog. I would say I am successfully adhering to the NO SELFIES posted online rules and NO photography of cute nieces and nephews posted online. That hasn’t been very challenging but previously it had been a habit of mine to take cute photos of my sisters kids and I found myself often bored and hated myself for posting it and telling everyone about every menial detail of my babysitting adventures (or lack of adventures). I decided last year to delete my (now former) instagram account because I wanted a clean slate. I have opened a new account but like this blog, I added rules. Another reason why I deleted it was because certain people following me and not that I was cutting important people off, but naturally people gossip and I don’t want to be subject of talk. As for the selfies, I would be posting photos of me looking better than usual with the magic of makeup and filtering, while some of the selfies were shot out of vanity and mostly mockery, It felt so phony because I do not regularly present myself like that on a daily basis, even if most of it was just a dig at my materialistic and vain members of my extended family.

On the topic of social media, after the Essena O’Neill anti-social media episode last year, while I think what she did was a just to shit stir and a tactic for negative self-promotion, It still moved people and made them think about their online presence. I will admit, I fell for it at first (until she started asking for donations). Even if she has been exposed as a fraud in a brutal fashion (Watch the Nina and Randa videos and you’ll know how passive aggressive those girls are), there was a certain truth to it. People are consumed with social media and I am one of them and before her video went viral, I had already decided for 2016 that I was going to have online detox weeks. I was suppose to start on day 1 of the New Year but decided I’ll start it during Lent. Yes, Lent. I’d probably be considered as a Lapsed Catholic but there is this ‘Catholic guilt’ I have and, so I’m deactivating my facebook account for 40 days.

I guess this is it for now. I don’t know what else to post about other than deactivating my facebook account starting Ash Wednesday.

Until next time then.